Pressure Forming

Pressure Forming Process Profile Plastics

In the Pressure Forming Process, a single sheet of thermoplastic is heated to the softening point before pressure of up to 90 psig is applied to "force" the material into a female tool. With pressure and very intricate molds, highly detailed parts can be produced matching those made by injection molding. Compared to injection molding, Pressure Forming tooling cost less and the lead times are shorter. Profile Plastics specializes in providing highly cosmetic, close tolerance, pressure formed parts to wide array of OEM manufacturers.

Advantages of Pressure Forming:

  • Low cost tooling compared to Injection Molding.

  • Quick turn-around of the tooling.

  • Highly cosmetic parts equal to or better looking than Injection molding.

  • Wide variety of thermoplastic materials available to meet most job requirements.

  • Easily decorated to further enhance cosmetics.