Value Added Services at Profile Plastics

Profile Plastics understands that customer expectations go beyond just providing quality thermoformed parts. In today's competitive environment, our customers require more value for their dollar in the products we produce for them. Profile can provide an array of value-added services such as supplying higher level assemblies, kitting, kanban and supplier-managed inventory. This allows complete assemblies to be shipped to our customers, ready to be assembled, or products that can be shipped directly to the end customer for installation. This eliminates unnecessary costs in handling and shipping. In addition we can provide various forms of decorating parts, distortion print forming and fabricated parts.

These are just a few of the many value-added services we can provide:

  • Fabricated Parts

  • Assembly

  • Kitting

  • Decorating / Painting Parts

  • Distortion Printed Forming

  • Returnable / Usable "Green" Packaging

  • Supplier Managed Inventory